Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hair. It`s everywhere. Like a blanket of brown hair coating my house and making my owneres sneeze. Annoying Kid is beginning to regret wearing black all the time, because now everyone knows she has a dog. I get brished twice a day. My owners expected me to be naked by now. They didn`t even know I had this much hair! Warm weather brings joy to Colorado, but it also brings the shedding of the winter coat. My owners have been joking about making a sweater out of all my hair. You can`t escape the hair! Mwah hah ha hah!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter and Dog Rodeo part 2

Easter. Another holiday where humans taunt me by having chocolate everywhere, and a ham on the counter. They yell at me for trying to get them. How can I restist a huge ham on the counter? And a big basket of chocolate and candy right on the floor for me. Not cool, humans. *sigh*
And, to make today worse, Annoying Kid decided to have Dog Rodeo part 2 today. It was a huge fail. Hehe.
*note crazed expression*
The humans grab me, and put the next innocent victim on my back. It`s C-3PO!
The eight seconds begin...
Soon C-3PO is bucked off and tumbles down the stairs, and I leave the saddle far behind on the first step.
Happy Easter!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It was all warm, and nice, then this morning, there`s a bunch of snow on the ground. Colorado has weird weather. Nice sunny summer weather. Cold snowy weather. Tommorrow, it`s supposed to be 70. Not cool. I hate snow.