Monday, February 27, 2012

We are on Coffee with Canine!!!!

I f you go onto the awesome blog, Coffee with Canine, you will see: Me!!!!!(and bedbuddy) You can learn all these really interesting facts about ME, and stare at cute pictures of ME! Because everybody knows I`m so interesting cute. Who wouldn`t want to learn about me?! My owners are really excited. The Shining Star Ranch blog is a model animal breeding/enthusist site. Annoying Kid LOVES models. Stop by Coffee with Canine!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Make-up Post!

I am so sorry for forgeting some Wordless Wednesdays and Sunday Smiles! My owners submitted the Q&A for Coffee with Canine today!! Yay!!! When the blog post is posted you get to know about fabulous me! Because I`m so interesting. 

Annoying Kid`s friend would like to get more traffic to his site, so we thought it was a good idea to put it on here! His website is  It is pretty much like you-tube, but has no traffic. You can look at videos Annoying Kid made, videos about me, videos off of you-tube, or post your own videos. You guys could have your own video channel!! Sometimes the videos are encoding for a while, but have recently begun working. Check it out! I forgot to mention, you can also look at or post photos,too.

And makeup photos for what we forgot.
                                          Cute, slightly pudgy me!
                                           My owners were shoveling snow outside, and I couldn`t let them out of  my sight.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine`s Day

It`s Valentines day! Or as my people call it, Another excuse to put me in a frilly red jacket, and eat candy in front of me without giving me any.Unlike all the other blogging doggys, I don`t have a valentine. Sigh. But, the good thing about Valentine`s day is I get a few extra treaties. I really like my treaties, because they are made with real chicken liver. My owners even checked the ingredients, There is also a dauchshund on the front of the package! Do you guys like Valentines Day? Or does it stress you out? Or do you just ignore it? And, good news Blu with Blu on Wheels finally got his wheelchair! Yay! The little guy is really happy, and can now roll around for Valentines Day! Yay Blu! Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Smile and The results of the poetry contest!

First, i will announce the winners of the poetry contest! I know you all have been waiting.  It was very tough, as you guys are such great poets. but here are the winners! In first place....... we have a tie! Congratulations Rusty and Amber daWeenie! I loved both your poems, and couldn`t decide who to pick, so you both won! When I get a badge (soon) you will be able to put a special winner`s badge on your blog. in second place is..... Declan! Great job! You get a second place badge to put on you blog (soon)! Declan, we almost had a three-way-tie. Almost. great job anyway! And in third place... Tillie and Raven! Your poem made me laugh. You get a third place badge (soon)! Great job everybody!

 My owners couldn`t find anymore pictures of happy smiley me, because they got a new computer, so instead, we have a picture to make you smile! here it is;
                                                                           Before I came to live with the wonderful family I live with now,  I lost my home in a fire. So now I am, terrified of everything like fire, smoke, fire alarms,ect. When my owners start cooking, and there is lots of smoke, That could mean a fire. So I run outside, and often try to escape the yard, shaking like crazy. But, because of the snow, last night I wasn`t able to  go very far. But, to escaoe the fire, I am willing to brave the freezing cold, and snow above my head. My owners took the picture through the back door. No amount of coaxing could get me back inside.                                                      

As some of you might of noticed, I now have badges at the very bottom of my blog. All animal related sites I follow that have a badge, will be there. So take a look. If your blog has a badge, I will likely copy it. So be on the look-out at the very very bottom of my blog.

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Blizzard

As you might already know, there was supposed to be a huge snowstorm in Denver, where I live. The news said 6-12in. It was on the internet. Everywhere said get ready. my owners bought extra groceries and brought out the extra blankets from the closet. We waited nervously. Nothing happened the whole night. But, when we woke up, there was a bunch of snow on the ground, and more coming down. Too bad I don`t have a greyhound to curl up with or shelter under.Annoying Kid didn`t have to go to school. I ran outside to go pee, and had to deer-hop to get through the snow. It was over my head! Nightmare!! I bolted back inside and ran around like a maniac to get warm, shivering uncontrolably and looking pathetic. I hate snow. And as nobody responded to my poetry contest, I cannot announce any winners. but, i`ll give everybody a second chance. Greyhound and snow poems. Here is my snow poem:
It snowed overnight,
Oh no! Not snow!
It is too cold out here,
I run back inside

Like it? It is your turn now! Greyhound and snow poetry. Winners will be announced with the Sunday Smile.  Happy blizzard day! Now some pictures of me (and the snow)!
This is the snow in the backyard.

                                           Look at all that snow in front of my doggy door!

My bunny hop/doxie snow plow tracks. ( the big holes.)
                                           This is what I think of being in the snow. I`m outta here!

This is the front yard. Look at all that snow!