Monday, January 30, 2012

Attention Greyhounds

Annoying Kid LOVES greyhounds. She calls them poetry in motion. So, this is a special greyhound only post. First, Annoying Kid made a clay sculpturew of a greyhound.The picture will be here soon. Second, the greyhound poetry contest! We want to hear your greyhound poems. The winners will be announced soon. Third greyhound racing. Many pet greyhounds are retired racers. If you get a dog, make it a retired racing greyhound. They are sweet low-energy dogs. They don`t need a lot of space. After they start losing races, greyhounds are either shot in the head with a bolt gun, or tied up without food and water. The lucky ones are the ones that get adopted.
FAVORITE GREYHOUND SITES - They have poems, stories, pictures, facts, you name it! Everything greyhound. Look at the poem I Cry, on page 2 of poems. - the hilarious blog of Daisy and Larry greyhound. We love them! - the website for Colorado Greyhound Adoption. They have news, available dogs, fast facts, ect. Annoying Kid goes on there often.
http//  - the photo blog of two people who love greyhounds. they used to foster, and just recently took in a borzoi puppy named Timber. Updated daily.
Annoying Kid recomends surfing blogspot for other blogs. She is a member of several greyhound blogs. Yay greyhounds!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Smile

I got this idea from Maggie Mae. Thanks!
My owners fixed the bathroom door, so now I can`t break in and eat tissues out of the trash. Ahhhh. Annoying Kid can barely open the door now, so I defininitly can`t. Oh well.
 I am also now a member of Adventure Weenies! Yay! I can`t wait for a meet-up near me! Oh boy! All doxies can join.
 Late birthday shoutuot to Amber daWeenie, and Max daOdder Weenie! I tried to get it on time, but I didn`t quite get it. Oh well. Better late than never!
Thanks everybody!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What is up with this weather?!

It has been freezing, and windy, and snowing here in Colorado! What is up with that?! I am a warm weather dog, not only because I have really short fur, but also because I came from Pheonix, Arizona.I also have dauchshund baldness, which makes it colder. I spend most of time curled up into a really tight little ball in my bed. I have a sweaterr and a jacket, but I don`t like wearing them. Last night, BedBuddy made a nice little bed made out of Awesome Owner`s jacket, and his pillow. Then, she sat on it! Not cool! As soon as she got up, I burrowed under the jacket, and curled up. It was really warm. But, for the most part, this house is really cold. I like it when the humans turn on the space heater. I love curling up on it. Annoying Kid wanted me to say that her portrait of Dauchshund Nola is almost done. That reminds me, I am considering joining Nola in her plan of Weenie World domination. Mostly for the cookies. OMG!! A guy just walked his dog past the house!! Red alert!!! Red alert!!! AHHHHH!!! OK, I`m calm now. How bout some pictures of me when it is cold.
NOOO! Not snow!

Ahhh. There we go. Bedbuddy`s warm lap.
In my warm bed. Note the fleece blanket.
                                            Aren`t I cute? I hate it when it`s cold, but I love being somewhere warm. Particularly  a lap. annoying Kid couldn`t find any pictures of me in full ball mode, but she did her best.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A bunch of new followers

Annoying Kid and I would like to thank all the new followers of my blog. I think Annoying Kid is going to pass out she is so happy. Thanks to Hawk, Nola, and Yuki and Rocket, because Annoying Kid and I follow your blogs. The other doggys, if you start a blog, we WILL follow it. Thanks SO much!!!!!!!! Wee are really happy you all follow my blog!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Midnight Bathroom Break - in

At about 3:30am, I decided I wanted to eat some tissues out of the trashcan in the bathroom, and shred some toilet paper, to get back at the humans for shutting me out of the bedrrom. I popped open the bathroom door (it doesn`t latch), and knocked over the trash can. It made a loud thunk. I shredded some tissues that were in their. Suddenly, Annoying Kid threw open her bedroom door. She looked angry, but i didn`t care. I did my happy dance, then bolted into her bed, and burrowed under the blankets. Annoying Kid moved her hamper in front of the bathroom door. Then she walked into her bedroom, and ripped off the blankets. I wagged my tail innocently. Annoying kid started to pick me up, so I growled at her. She ignored me, so I went limp and made myself dead weight. Annoying Kid didn`t quite put me out of her room, so I turned around and bolted back into her room. Annoying Kid grabbed me, and put me further away from her door. Then, she ran back into her room and slammed the door. I squeezed through the opening beside the hamper, and knocked over the trash can again. I snatched a paice of gum. Annoying Kid threw open her door again. She looked really angry. She tackled me, and grabbed the gum out of my mouth. Then she took a big box, and put it in front of the bathroom door. Then she put the hamper in the big box. I heard her mutter, "stupid dog," then she slammed her door again. I tried to get back in the bathroom, but I couldn`t, so I gave up and settled for whining loudly by Annoying Kid`s door.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My monthly job

Yesterday, i did my job, as I do every month. Annoying Kid chased me all around the house, then grabbed me and put my collar on me. Then she attached the leash to my collar. awesome Owner and Annoying kid put me in the car, then we went for a drive. I love riding in the car! Aesome owner stopped the car, and led me into a familiar place that smelled like other dogs. The groomer! I couldn`t go into that terrible place again! I flattened myself out right in front of the door. Awesome owner tried to get me to stand up, then hee just picked me up, an carried me into the groomer`s. Once inside, i tried to get back out the door, and when that didn`t work, i flattened myself on the groubd again. Awesome owner talked to the lady behind the counter for a while, then he handed the leash to her. i was still flattened on the ground. the groomer dragged me all the way to the table. I tried to slip my collar, and chew it off of me the whole time. the groomer trimmed my nails, then we got back in the car, and drove some more. when we arrived, Awesome Owner and Annoying Kid walked me around the parking lot, and on a little path. Then we went inside. We sat in an office for a little while, then annoying Kid took me for a run outside again. When we came back inside, an elderly lady with a walker was talking to Awesome owner. Her eyes lit up when she saw me. Annoying kid led me over to the women with the walker. Awesome owner callled her Jeanne. Jeane stroked my head with a frail hand. That`s what I love about my job. the adoring fans. Several more people came in. I went to  each of them, enjoying their pats. One lady said I was cute, but I wasn`t a pomeranian. Turns out, she used to own a pomeranian named  Sparkles. Then, Annoying kid took me to a seat in the corner of the room while Awesome Owner talked to the people in the room. Annoying Kid took me out again.  After a while, Awesome Owner took the people back to their rooms. Then we sat in the office some more. Awesome owneer and Annoying kid took me on another car ride. The left me in the car for about 5 minutes, then came back with food they wouldn`t let me eat. When we got back, we sat in the office for a while again. then annoying kid took me out again. Then awesome owner took me to everyone`s rooms, and let them pet me again. That was fun. Then Awesome Owner got me some water. then Annoying Kid and Awesome owner took me out. then Awesome owner pulled out 2 tables, then we went to visit a woman named Evelyn. About 15 minutes later, a bunch of women came in and a few petted me. then Awesome owner started yelling out random numbers,. I didn`t get that part. Every time I tried to fall asleep, someone rang a "doorbell" and I barked. Everyone laughed at me. I don`t know why. Then after a long time, we left. I fell asleep the second we got home.

Friday, January 6, 2012

forget about roadrunner!

Ther`s all this news about Roadrunner, a cat in New Jersey who goes running with her owner every day. Apparently, she was a stray who started running with this guy, and now she`s his cat, and they go running every day. Big deal! I can run too! Just ask my owners or the big dogs at the dog park. I help them get excercise. I run a lot. What is the big deal about the running cat. I should be famouse! I`m way cuter!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Break for freedom

Awesome Owner and Annoying Kid were in a hurry today. Annoying Kid kept saying something about "missing the bus." They usually take me for a walk in the morning. Just in case, I did my wiggly butt dance, and acted really excited. Awesome Owner said he`d take me out later. Annoying Kid put the big red sack on her shoulder, and started walking toward the door. Huge letdown!!! I needed my walk!!!! Even though we could go without that stupid harness. Anyway, the second Awesome Owner opened the door, I bolted out of the house. I took off full speed, determined to get my walk. And my free pats from the girl who is always standing by the stop sign. I heard Awesome Owner yelling after me, and Annoying Kid yelling after him. I didn`t care. I was free!! FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Then Awesome Owner ran right in front of me. I tried to dodge him, but he grabbed me. Dang it. He ruined my freedom. Awesome owner called me stupid, then put me back in the house. I tried to run out the door again, but Awesome Owner shut the door inmy face. he is becoming less and less awesome every day.My life is not fair. Sigh.