Thursday, December 22, 2011

stupid cold, wet stuff

There was all this cold wet stuff. It`s fluffy, and I don`t like it. My Awesome Owner disappointed me. He shoved me out the doggy door in the cold wet stuff, and said I had to go pee. It was really unfair. I stood outside the dog door, shivering, but Awesome Owner told me to go pee again. I took a step forward, but it was too cold. I jumped forward, ( very bravely if you ask me), and I sank all the way down. The wet stuff was over my head! I jumped up, and my head popped up! I bunny-hopped again, and again. Awesome Owner and Annoying Kid were laughing at me. It was humiliating. I turned around in circles to clear away the snow, and went to the bathroom. Awesome owner let me in again. I was wet, so I shivered. I shiver all the time. Awesome owner called me pathetic.

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