Sunday, December 25, 2011

why are the humans so happy?

Today, everyone was so happy. Especially annoying kid. Then, Annoying Kid started ripping paper, and throwing it all over. And they get mad at me for shredding tissues. Annoying Kid was so happy. They all ripped paper. Even Bedbuddy, who gets really mad at me when I shred stuff. Annoying kept pulling out those stupid plastic horses, and there was a huge bog on the floor. Annoying Kid put the plastic horses in it. Everyone was really happy. I don`t know why. Annoying Kid kept trying to put a red jacket on me, but I hid from her. Eventually she gave up. It was weird.


  1. I bet that red jacket would look stunning on you.

  2. It`s embarrasing. I don`t like it. All the humans laugh at me whn I wear it.