Sunday, March 25, 2012

Annoying Kid`s Betrayal

I have discovered that Annoying Kid has been regularly walking and playing with other dogs. The other dogs in question are littermates, and belong to our neighbor/Annoying Kid`s best friend. They are one year old. The female, Chica, is black and white, and very feisty. The male, Guero (way-dough), is blond, and loves Annoying Kid. It is not fair. I should be the only dog Annoying Kid ever meets. I refuse to share her! Annoying Kid says they`re much better behaved than me, and they can let them off leash.
                                           Here they are together.
                                           It`s Chica.
                                           Guero is attacking the camera.
                                            I think this picture speaks for itself.

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