Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring is here at last

Ah, spring. The snow has melted, and it is getting warmer. I actually got to go for a walk today! I can go outside finally! Free of the clod and snow that has tortured me all winter. Okay, so it`s not officially spring yet, but it feels like it. The only bad this is: the geese I love to chase (much to the annoyment of my owners) are leaving. On my walk today, we only saw two geese. My owners are happy the geese are leaving, saying they poop all over the sidewalk, but  I am not. By, bye, geese! Come back again next fall! Ahem. Anyway, spring is finally upon us! Yay spring!! And warmth! And long walks!


  1. We will say hello to the geese for you when they get here!

  2. Geese will be leaving here soon as well. Saw about 300 the other morning, but often we have thousands in the sky when they move from the wash inland for food each day.

    Enjoy your walks in the spring sunshine.