Thursday, January 5, 2012

Break for freedom

Awesome Owner and Annoying Kid were in a hurry today. Annoying Kid kept saying something about "missing the bus." They usually take me for a walk in the morning. Just in case, I did my wiggly butt dance, and acted really excited. Awesome Owner said he`d take me out later. Annoying Kid put the big red sack on her shoulder, and started walking toward the door. Huge letdown!!! I needed my walk!!!! Even though we could go without that stupid harness. Anyway, the second Awesome Owner opened the door, I bolted out of the house. I took off full speed, determined to get my walk. And my free pats from the girl who is always standing by the stop sign. I heard Awesome Owner yelling after me, and Annoying Kid yelling after him. I didn`t care. I was free!! FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Then Awesome Owner ran right in front of me. I tried to dodge him, but he grabbed me. Dang it. He ruined my freedom. Awesome owner called me stupid, then put me back in the house. I tried to run out the door again, but Awesome Owner shut the door inmy face. he is becoming less and less awesome every day.My life is not fair. Sigh.

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