Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Smile and The results of the poetry contest!

First, i will announce the winners of the poetry contest! I know you all have been waiting.  It was very tough, as you guys are such great poets. but here are the winners! In first place....... we have a tie! Congratulations Rusty and Amber daWeenie! I loved both your poems, and couldn`t decide who to pick, so you both won! When I get a badge (soon) you will be able to put a special winner`s badge on your blog. in second place is..... Declan! Great job! You get a second place badge to put on you blog (soon)! Declan, we almost had a three-way-tie. Almost. great job anyway! And in third place... Tillie and Raven! Your poem made me laugh. You get a third place badge (soon)! Great job everybody!

 My owners couldn`t find anymore pictures of happy smiley me, because they got a new computer, so instead, we have a picture to make you smile! here it is;
                                                                           Before I came to live with the wonderful family I live with now,  I lost my home in a fire. So now I am, terrified of everything like fire, smoke, fire alarms,ect. When my owners start cooking, and there is lots of smoke, That could mean a fire. So I run outside, and often try to escape the yard, shaking like crazy. But, because of the snow, last night I wasn`t able to  go very far. But, to escaoe the fire, I am willing to brave the freezing cold, and snow above my head. My owners took the picture through the back door. No amount of coaxing could get me back inside.                                                      

As some of you might of noticed, I now have badges at the very bottom of my blog. All animal related sites I follow that have a badge, will be there. So take a look. If your blog has a badge, I will likely copy it. So be on the look-out at the very very bottom of my blog.


  1. Thanks. I'll look forward to it! Deccy x

  2. Oh you poor thing!
    Dachshund Nola
    P.S. i have a badge on my blog you can copy

  3. Hope it was soon safe for you to come in out of the cold.

  4. I think it is kind of funny that your peeps cooking brings a lot of smoke to the house! But I hope that you can overcome those bad memories! Have a great Sunday!

  5. So sad that Gracie May has such bad memories!

  6. Sorry that you don't like smoke Gracie May. Perhaps over time you will get a bit more used to it. When my Mum makes smoke cooking, my sister growls, so that she knows!

  7. really liked me poem???? Me made a funny dat made you smile??? Now me feels so special! Thank you..Thank you!


    Please don't worry. Your family will take real good care of you so you don't have to be scared anymore!

  8. Hi Gracie May! Wow, I'm so happy you liked my poem, it makes me feel all warm and wiggley, Thank you! Can't wait to see the badge.

    I hate to hear about the fire that ruined your old home and has made you so afraid. I heard my dad tell my mom once that she shouldn't use the smoke detector as a timer.....

  9. Aw, too cute! Congratulations to the talented poets!

  10. Aww I am sorry about being scared of smoke. That so nice that you post the badges at the bottom.

    Paw hugs,
    Gracie Lu Shih Tzu