Friday, February 3, 2012

A Blizzard

As you might already know, there was supposed to be a huge snowstorm in Denver, where I live. The news said 6-12in. It was on the internet. Everywhere said get ready. my owners bought extra groceries and brought out the extra blankets from the closet. We waited nervously. Nothing happened the whole night. But, when we woke up, there was a bunch of snow on the ground, and more coming down. Too bad I don`t have a greyhound to curl up with or shelter under.Annoying Kid didn`t have to go to school. I ran outside to go pee, and had to deer-hop to get through the snow. It was over my head! Nightmare!! I bolted back inside and ran around like a maniac to get warm, shivering uncontrolably and looking pathetic. I hate snow. And as nobody responded to my poetry contest, I cannot announce any winners. but, i`ll give everybody a second chance. Greyhound and snow poems. Here is my snow poem:
It snowed overnight,
Oh no! Not snow!
It is too cold out here,
I run back inside

Like it? It is your turn now! Greyhound and snow poetry. Winners will be announced with the Sunday Smile.  Happy blizzard day! Now some pictures of me (and the snow)!
This is the snow in the backyard.

                                           Look at all that snow in front of my doggy door!

My bunny hop/doxie snow plow tracks. ( the big holes.)
                                           This is what I think of being in the snow. I`m outta here!

This is the front yard. Look at all that snow!


  1. You makes me shiver! You need da hoomans to make you a path! Just sayin'

    Me lives in Florida
    Where it's nice and warm..
    No Snow..No Ice
    Just lots of sunshine dat's nice!


    1. That`s a nice one! You make me jealous, it`s all windy and snowy here.

  2. I'm a greyhound
    I used to live in a pound
    Now I'm a happy great big Grey
    I hate the snow
    I want it to go
    So in the meantime I'll be under my bankie having a snooze...errr...

    1. Knocking out both the greyhound and snow poetry! Good job!

  3. Oh wow! We hope you aren't the shoveler! Enjoy your snow day!

  4. So glad you didn't get lost in all that snow. We are getting ready for heavy snow tonight and over the weekend.

    1. Good thing greyhounds are a lot taller than me!

  5. wow that's cool so much snow!

    ♥yuki and rocket

    Hope you enjoy playing in it!!!!!!! LUCKY doggie!

    Gracie Lu the Shih Tzu

  7. Wow you gotta a lotta snow. It's coming here tomorrow, I can't wait

  8. Oh...we didn't know about the Dog Bloggers Mailing List. I've written myself a sticky note to get an email out soon to add us to the list. I'll have to do a post about this some time because I don't think that many bloggers know about it. Thanks for the information.

    1. I try to be helpful. I put the badge on there for areason. Did you look at the cowdog blog, too?

  9. Hello Gracie May what a beauty you ARE! So like my little bridge baby Rulu. My brother lives in Longmount Colarado and sent me photo's of the snow! we too are forecast snow this weekend but just 5 - 10 cms not as bad as yours. Lots of love Sue and the Taylor pack xxxxx

    1. the snow is up to the window now, and still snowing! I couldn`t get outside today!

  10. Tillie & Raven say How do you do
    and very nice to meet you too
    Two black greyhounds from the UK
    Please come vist and see us play.
    White snow should be arriving soon
    This makes Raven much like a loon.
    When we have been out we feel kinda mellow
    White snow now has turned to yellow!

    Best wishes from the UK
    Sara, Tillie & Raven

    1. Greyt poem! My owners love your crafts! REMINDER: The deadline for the poetry contest is tommorow! I will still pick winners, But to make this a true contest, I need more than 3 entries!

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  12. Hi Gracie May, thanks for coming over to see us! Wow it looks really cold there. We don't get much snow here. I'm going to try to do a poem for you and it will have Greyhounds and snow. Hope you like it!

    Oh no, there's too much snow
    It's too deep for me to go

    I was think if I were a Greyhound
    I'd go out in one big bound

    Around the yard I would run
    Leaping and playing, having so much fun

    I'd soar over th snow
    I'd play a lot and put on a show

    To get warm I'd come inside
    Happily with my family to abide

  13. I wish we could get all that snow!

  14. I got cold just reading this post!