Sunday, February 19, 2012

Make-up Post!

I am so sorry for forgeting some Wordless Wednesdays and Sunday Smiles! My owners submitted the Q&A for Coffee with Canine today!! Yay!!! When the blog post is posted you get to know about fabulous me! Because I`m so interesting. 

Annoying Kid`s friend would like to get more traffic to his site, so we thought it was a good idea to put it on here! His website is  It is pretty much like you-tube, but has no traffic. You can look at videos Annoying Kid made, videos about me, videos off of you-tube, or post your own videos. You guys could have your own video channel!! Sometimes the videos are encoding for a while, but have recently begun working. Check it out! I forgot to mention, you can also look at or post photos,too.

And makeup photos for what we forgot.
                                          Cute, slightly pudgy me!
                                           My owners were shoveling snow outside, and I couldn`t let them out of  my sight.


  1. You sure look comfy there! I think I need to go have a nap!


    1. My owners conviently leave blankets and pillows all around the house for me. They get mad at me when I sit on them, saying they weren`t for me.

    2. Thanks! My owner is really hoping for more traffic on his site!